Marielle Mervau is a curatorial associate, fine artist, and poetess based in downtown San Jose, California. She received her BFA from University of California, Santa Cruz with a focus in painting, illustration, and experimental photography. In all areas of her work, be it visual or literary works, she attempts to make mundane realities both humorous and beautiful.

Recently, she finished a painting and illustrated series entitled "Assorted Bloom" that was inspired by her childhood and a push to perform femininity. The imagery and cultural ideologies associated with the "blooming" of a young girl into womanhood has always fascinated her, as her youth was filled with an assortment of experiences that challenged this ideal evolution into femininity.

These experiences are reflected in this series through a juxtaposition of what she refers to as "hyper-feminine iconography" and other symbols she uses to represent her childhood. The series engages both a whimsical and satirical challenge towards the subjective masculine and feminine binary.